External Gatekeeper Validation and Feedback

In order to create content and broaden the usage of the tool, the next step for this project would be to partner with galleries and museums. Therefor the main gatekeepers for this project would be the curators of such entities.

I have sent this process summary to curators, art journalists and artists. In the « cadre de » my project these protagonists are all gatekeepers. Their opinion is primordial since they will be the ones issuing the partnerships, content and opinions.

Following my last tutorial with Richie I sent out a presentation summarizing my process with regards to this research project. This will hopefully give gatekeepers the room to evaluate my process and the methods I used.

I am still awaiting gatekeeper feedback as a final validation of my process over the academic year. It will be interesting to see if their opinions have diverged from the initial time I had contacted them with my project idea.



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