Intervention 6.0

I investigated the outcome of my question in this final intervention.

By testing in a simulating environment I was able to revert back to the initial goal, have I enriched the dialogue between viewers thanks to these tools developed?

I set out to the Tate and used the three different features initially developed for Intervention 5 and observed people’s reactions and process. Testing imagination, interpretation and dialogue.

I selected “Black on Maroon” from Rothko to work around. This was a conscious decision as I have always tested my features around photography I wanted to see how these would work on “abstract” paint.

Stakeholders visualized an explanation of Rothko’s sombre yet romantic world and a short explanation of an exciting yet dramatic story on the previous vandalization (2012) of this painting. Stakeholders were fascinated and excited to discuss the topic, leading to a wider discussion.

They first visualised the first 3min of the scandal and then the video on his process





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