Intervention 6.0 – Analysis of the Results

To stimulate stakeholders’ interpretation and imagination I used a variety of methods and the outcome of this intervention was fantastic as people really engaged with one another.

After visualizing the “crunchy” news they were fed in the “Interpretation” feature conversation was heightened. Stakeholders started talking about how the process was fascinating and the ethics of what was vandalization of art represents in our society today.

Context was rich and interesting. Overall stakeholders said that it felt like they almost had some sort of a guideline to their conversation but were uterlly free to interpret the information in the way they wanted. Stakeholders pointed out that this had built their confidence on a certain level. It was noted that “when we have the tools to interpret and imagine we have more freedom to discuss.”

This marked the last turning point as it shows what type of content really gets people to engage the most on. Conversations were meaningful and showcased what I was looking for with regards to my research project question.

I think that the simulated setting was perfect much better than when I had the “test-drive” exhibit as it really gave me an idea of the space. The way people communicated in this sombre almost “pilgrimage” space really gave a sense of how interactions could work with the app.

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