New Media and New Communication

New Media (2018) has been the hot topic of my research project these past months. This entails forms which combine computing, communications and content through the process of convergence.

Though the secondary research I have regarding new media is outdated, new emerging techniques such as VR, QR codes and AR can be easily applied to the same concepts of what was said regarding emerging techniques of the past.

From secondary research the key concepts of new media include the following: convergence, cyberspace, networks, participation and virtuality. All of these concepts have been taken into account these past months but for cyberspace as I do not have the expertise to denominate anything in that domain.

The production process of new media is said to be the circuit of culture. By creating an easy access to culture I would be contributing to new media in a way. This will open a new landscape of communication and new learning environments for all industries combined (Leu et al, 2005).

New media is essential to lower the boarders of knowledge. Through the concepts cited above defining new media, we are able to make knowledge accessible for everyone. The calling and role of museums and galleries today is to make “art public” and easily accessible for all.

Flew, T. (2002) New Media: an Introduction. Oxford University Press. Web. Sagejournals.




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