Talk – Creative Superpower: the Power of Making

Last night I attended a wonderful talk by professionals of the creative industry on the power and importance of Making.

The talk was hosted by She Says & Creative Superpower founder, Laura Jordan, and discussion was done between three cutting edge professionals, Jason Bruges, founder of Jason Bruges Studios, Sadie Clayton, artist and fashion designer, and Sherrt Collins, founder and editor of the Pitch.

It was really interesting to see how the interaction of these three creatives was very different yet their mind-set quite similar.

Overall these are the key points that I noted and how I related them back to my project:

  • The importance of knowing how to work with a multidisciplinary team 
  • Embrace what makes you different and exploit it. (I started working with three photographers and quickly noticed how different they worked then the graphic designer I was working with, this was wonderful as it opened new doors and ways of thinking for me.)
  • Your background is never a waste of time, take the knowledge you have and set out a new journey using the skills you already own. “The World’s your Oyster, Ask and you’ll get it!” (I have a management background, this really helped me with regards to getting everybody to collaborate and work together. I really would like to reach out to Google Arts and Culture, and now I think I should just do it!)
  • With regards to process, observe your envrionment, the existing space around you, question how you can use it? You don’t know what could come up in a conversation. (When I was in a museum I noticed how many people had there phones out. I thought this would be a great tool to get people to interact with the art in a way. A conversation with a friend of mine told me how he would love for exhibitions and museums to be more playful this led me to rethink some parts of my project)
  • Take what you know and adapt it. (With somewhat of Art History knowledge, I realised that in gallery and museum settings I was able to create dialogue with other viewers, a friend of mine noted that he wasn’t able to do so because he didn’t have any type of pointer to help him interpret what he was seeing. I thought if I could adapt what I new to a small audience I could in a way educate them on a practice I am passionate about)
  • The Unpredictability of people’s reaction. (I thought this was a really interesting aspect of making as it is true you never really now how people are going to answer what you have produced. My research has shown though that people have deeper connexions with artworks when they can relate to them. By feeding them a storyline or context I am issuing more pointers for viewers to feel that clossenness to the artist or context.)

Good Quotes & Advice: 

“Creativity is the way to approach anything, even in Business”

‘Learning is important, cultivate your Duality’

“No more “we should”, do it!”

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