Pitching by Sasha Damjanovski

Storytelling & narratives in Pitch

Ignore the “what” brain and talk to the “why” brain, why does this matter?

Being able to improvise – be prepared to say anything

Eye contact gives importance to people – acknowledge that moment you remember it

Most meaningful moments are the poses. They let people take things in – the change of rhythm is more powerful than a monotone moment

Body language changes everything walk in tall and proud and you feel tall and proud – feel their respect and that you are being heard

Three act structure

  • Connect with audience, Introduction
  • Interventions and proof, Content
  • Dramatic-sensational-straightforward Conclusion

Importance of Authenticity – integrity, believable, real

Important advice for life and project development

  • Be Odd; Being different is what makes you special

  • Be Curious; What can I give, what can I do, enter a give and take relationship

  • Dance; Learn how to trust another person, working as a team, adjust, awareness of body language, aware of space at all times being in the moment, you can’t control the situation you have to improvise

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