Dorothy Bales – Left & Right Brain analysis

After Sasha Damjanovski spoke about the connections that the left and right brain had I decided to pursue further research on the subject.

As we all have different strategies to learn and use our Imagination and Interpretation as different tools, I will be applying Dorothy Bales theory on Left and Right brain as she used to explain how on learning how to string play (guitar, violin etc.).

“The new brain, as we know, is divided into the left and right hemispheres. The left controls the sequential order of speech (syntax) and of physical movement and the coordination of limbs, hands and fingers. (…) This hemisphere is also a rational analyst and perceives the relationship between parts and whole (…) The right hemisphere, on the other hand, (…) perceives things intuitively and timelessly and sensuously. It sees things whole. It recognizes faces, melodies, harmonies, qualities of sound (timbre), patterns of sounds and emotional tones of speech.” (Bales, 1983, p42)

Analysis: From this statement we can depict the brain as a compartmentalized organ. We can define the section Imagination as the Right side of the brain and Interpretation as the Left side of the brain for purpose of this research project.

It is interesting to see what kind of methods can be utilised to stimulate either side of the brain and how the tools I am developing are very focused towards one or the other. I think it is important to remember whilst developing these tools how they should be pushing the right buttons belonging to either side.



Bales,D. 1983 String Playing by the Way of the Brain; Left, Right and Center. Violin Forum. Web. Sagejournals.


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