• Who’s the 20%? Potential Users

    The DPS (distinct population segment) of 20% will follow the following Segments: Demographic: Gender: Male,Female // Age: 18-30 Behavioral: Awareness: Art/ Usage: Smartphones Geographic: Paris   Secondary research supported the chosen segments:   > How to target the segments: social Media as primary source

  • Photoshoot “Empowering” 06/06/2018

    The photoshoot for the intervention was allover a great experience. I did a model call out and had 5 different, known and unknown, subjects to photograph. I rented a studio at the school to produce the photos. Setting up the lighting and the models was challenging but exciting. I was nervous they wouldn’t feel comfortable …

  • AI Experience “We live in Barbie’s World” 04/2018

    Starting to work on the female body and the stigmas girls of my generation have, I thought of all advertising derivative of this. Barbies. When we’re young girls we’re given these perfectly proportioned dolls with big breasts a tight ass and unrealistically brushed hair. I started thinking of a way I could disrupt the company’s …

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