• Intervention 5.0

    As a result of further readings I came to gather intent for a fifth intervention that will hopefully inform my project and question. The overall research project is aiming to improve the dialogue between viewers in gallery/ museum settings. Giving a digital tool that will ease conversation and give pointers for an educated interpretation of …

  • Competitors/Gatekeepers

    Mapping Exhibit related That’s App Milan base app that focuses on giving the public exhibit information (location, date, openings etc). They are apparently in process with Google in London which would mean they are developing probably extra features. Exhibitionnary  Very similar to “That’s App”. The app is settled in the following cities; Basel, Beijing, Berlin, …

  • Demo video – The Stories of Art

    This inital demo video shows the features that I wanted to include pre Unit 3. The demo will obviously therefore be altered.

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